Green Island

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Green Island is a coral atoll lying of the coast of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. Because it is so close to the mainland it is a particularly popular destination for tourists wanting to see the Great Barrier Reef close hand. The island has had day tours running to it for generations and the facilities are excellent. There is an underwater observatory from which you can see all the magnificent wildlife. The beach is only a short walk along the jetty and you can walk straight in and start snorkeling over the coral. There are also glass bottom boat tours on offer for the less adventurous tourist who does not want to miss out on the action.

Green Island - QueenslandGreen Island - Queensland

Green Island Resort offers a five star experience so if you want to stay for more than a day then this is your chance. The resort is magnificent and is complimented by great restaurant and day spa facilities. It is a unique experience to be able to stay right in the middle of the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef marine park. Resort Guests will find the island very easy to access with regular ferry services running each day from Cairns. There is both an international airport and a domestic airport in Cairns so getting there is really easy. Regular flights arrive daily from overseas destinations as well as all southern Australian capitals.

If you are looking for a special island holiday, then think about a stay on Green Island. The friendly staff at Australian Travel Wholesalers will be delighted to help you plan and book your Green Island holiday.

Green Island - QueenslandGreen Island - Queensland