Hervey Bay Whale Watching

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When it comes to whale watching then Hervey Bay is considered to be the whale watch capital of the world. Hervey Bay is located on Queensland's Fraser coast and is very easy to get to. The region now attracts huge numbers of both domestic and international tourists who are lured here by the desire to experience both the majesty of the Fraser Coast ecosystem and get up close and personal with the migrating southern humpback whales that visit the region from July through to November each year. Hervey Bay is a special place for both the whales and the whale watchers alike.

For the tourist, this is one of only a handful of places in the world where you can go whale watching in calm water. Platypus Bay on the inshore side of Fraser Island is protected from all winds except a northerly and consequently it provides a calm and tranquil location from which to observe these gentle giants. Fortunately the whales also think that Platypus Bay is pretty special and use the region for both calving and courtship and mating rituals. Many whale watch venues only provide the opportunity to glimpse the occasional migrating whale from a long distance but in Hervey Bay the whales have become used to the boats and often come almost within touching distance.

Hervey Bay is very easy to get to. It is only a three hour drive from Brisbane and you can fly in direct from Sydney. Over the last few years there have been many new resorts built here so finding quality accommodation is easy and over the years the whale watching fleet has grown and steadily been upgraded. Boats like the Spirit of Hervey Bay and Tasman Venture have both been built with underwater windows so you can see the whales from both above and below the water. Most have tiered seating and wide walk around decks to make your experience a special one several including Whalesong have wheelchair access and there are also a number of sailing options including Shayla and Blue Dolphin. All of the Whale watch operators provide full pickup and delivery services for their passengers.

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