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The Kimberley is one of Australia's most important tourist regions. It lies in the tropical north of Western Australia and presents one of the most unique landforms and spectacular scenery that can be seen anywhere in the country.The geology of the region is made up from ancient sandstones, that have been pushed up by folding pressures within the earths crust and have created some fantastic natural attractions. The coastline of the Kimberley region features huge tides that run along the coast and into the bays and chasms as well as the island archipelagos that line the coast.

The major town in the Kimberley region is Broome. Its history is steeped in the pearling industry and the population is descended from many races of pearling divers who have migrated into the region over more than one hundred years. The pearling industry is still one of the main economic drivers of the region. Tourism is now the biggest industry in the Kimberley, with tens of thousands of international tourists coming here every year to see the region.

Some of the most important attractions include the Bungle Bungle ranges whose beehive shaped sandstone formations rival Ayers Rock as a tourist attraction. Scenic flights aver the Bungle Bungle ranges are available from Broome and this is the best way to see them. The Ord River irrigation project and Lake Argyle are also on the list of top attractions. Along the coast are places like the Prince Regent river and the fantastic waterfalls that run into it as well as the Buccaneer Archipelago that lies offshore. Many coral refs grow here and the Kimberley is a mecca for scuba divers and fishermen. All the rivers are infested with estuarine crocodiles so this means take care when you are around the water.

One of the best ways to see the Kimberley region is to go on a coastal cruise. Much of the region is inaccessible any other way and a cruise will take you, in comfort, to see the most scenic areas. Most cruises leave from Broome, although there are some that depart from Darwin and sail around the north coast. The best time to visit the Kimberley is during the dry season from April through until November. The wet season is particularly hot, rainy and prone to cyclones. No visit to Australia is complete without spending some time in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia.

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