Lizard Island

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Lizard Island lies off the northern coast of Queensland. It is unique in that it is a continental island but it is located right on the Great Barrier Reef. Its position north of Cairns means that it is well away from agricultural run off and pollution and consequently has clear, clean water and unspoilt beaches and reefs. Lizard Island is a totally private experience as the only way to get there is by air and there is only one resort on the island. You get to experience the 24 powdery white beaches and one of only 40 luxury suites so it is easy to see how private your holiday can be.

Lizard Island - QueenslandLizard Island - Queensland

The snorkelling and diving is second to none at Lizard and some of the best in Tropical North Queensland. You can explore the quiet lagoon and reefs on the island itself or you can take a trip to famous dive sites like the cod hole and the Ribbon Reefs that lie nearby. If you are a keen fisherman then Lizard Island is for you. The resort will provide experienced sports fishing boats with local crew to ensure that you have a great trip. The resort itself is luxurious and you can relax around the pool or be pampered in the day spa. The food is legendary, be it a picnic hamper to be enjoyed after a bushwalk or a special meal in the restaurant.

Lizard Island - QueenslandLizard Island - Queensland

Lizard Island also has its place in history. Captain James Cook stopped here after repairing his ship endeavor at Cooktown. While trying to extricate himself from the maze of surrounding reefs, he climbed the peak on Lizard Island for an Ariel view of the region. From here he was able to see a passage to safe waters to the east and the rest is history. If you choose Lizard Island for your next holiday you can be guaranteed of a luxury experience in absolutely magnificent surroundings that are virtually unavailable anywhere else in the world. The staff at Australian Travel Wholesalers are expert in making holiday arrangements at all of the islands along the Queensland coast so don't hesitate to email or call for advice if you need a little assistance when booking you Lizard Island holiday.