New South Wales Ski Fields

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New South Wales ski fields are set in the magnificent Snowy Mountains in the states south east. Skiing in Australia is a favorite winter pastime and these snow fields become a winter wonderland and playground from late May through to October every year. It is a great place for international skiers to visit during the northern summer to keep their skills up to date and provides a fabulous opportunity to visit Australia and spend some time touring and sightseeing in the great down under. Now is the time to come skiing among the snow gums.

The main centres in the New South Wales snowfields are Thredbo, Perisher Blue, Jindabyne and Mt Selwyn. Jindabyne is actually off snow but provides an ideal accommodation centre and is connected to most of the ski fields via the ski tube. The ski tube will deliver skiers straight to the slopes of their choice without the need to drive into the mountains and put on snow chains and drive in the snow.

Thredbo is set further into the mountains than Perisher and it is necessary to drive to the village. The Chair lift departs from the village and takes you up to the ski area. The terrain at Thredbo ranges from quiet beginners slopes right through to Olympic runs. There are plenty of lifts and a multitude of runs to spread out on. Thredbo accommodation ranges from hostel and lodge style right through to palatial hotel style rooms.

In Perisher Valley there is a host of different ski runs and plenty of challenging terrain as well as excellent learn to ski facilities. There are endless lifts and generally the queues are short. Both Thredbo and Perisher Valley have snow making facilities so early in the season you can still have a great time. Perisher Valley snow accommodation, once again, ranges from hostel style through lodges and apartments right through to the finest hotels. Mt Selwn is a smaller resort. There are plenty of lifts and Mt Selwyn’s accommodation is mostly in the surrounding villages. The après ski fun in all of these centres is legendary and they all have a wide choice of quality restaurants and cafes.

The snow fields of New South Wales are extremely easy to access. You can fly into Sydney and connect to Canberra. From there regular coach tours will deliver you or if you want to be independent then hire a car and do your own thing. Whichever way you decide you will find that NSW skiing is some of the best in the world. Our staff are experts in arranging skiing holidays in Australia so if you need any assistance with your planning your trip to the New South Wales ski fields don't hesitate to send us an email or phone and one of our consultants who will be only too happy to help you out.