Port Fairy

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Located within the very rugged coastline of Victoria, you can find the extremely intriguing and interesting town of Port Fairy where you can literally find something different around every corner that you turn. With its wide open streets, restaurants, cafés, shopping, accommodation and plentiful supply of activities to keep people of all ages occupied, you will be coming to the ideal holiday destination that is located on the Princes Highway, between Melbourne and Mount Gambier.

The Crags is something that cannot be missed while you are here as it provides panoramic views along Port Fairy's sweeping coastline and views to Julia Percy Island. This is a very rugged stretch of coastline and a contrast from the swimming beaches and bays in Port Fairy and is only 12km west from Port Fairy.

Port Fairy is a fishing town, which like Portland and Warrnambool started as a sealing and whaling town. You can find out about the history of the town at the Port Fairy History Centre. There are also a couple of interesting walks which you can take around the town, including the History Walk and the Shipwreck Walk and other interesting things to do.

Adjoined to the mainland at the south of Port Fairy is Griffiths Island, which homes a colony of Mutton birds. You can get to the island on a couple of cruises from Fishermans Wharf on Port Fairy Bay. Port Fairy is also known for its great music festival, the Port Fairy Folk Festival. It is held in March every year, and is always very popular.

So come and enjoy the holiday that you have been dreaming about for so long and discover Port Fairy and all its delights and hidden treasures.