Tasmania Travel

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Travelling around Tasmania should only be done in one way, slow paced and relaxing! While coach services and airport shuttles are excellent and may meet all your needs, your own vehicle will give you the freedom to visit communities off the main routes and explore the Island's more remote and wild natural attractions. The island is 315km from east to west and 286km from north to south and covers an area of 68,331 square kilometers, so it is well worth remembering that even though Tasmania may seem small in comparison, it is a state that is made up of a very diverse landscape and rugged terrain.

There are two ways in which you can travel to Tasmania, and that is by air or by sea. You can choose to take you own means of transportation over on the Spirit of Tasmania or book a seat on one of the major airlines that do daily flights to Tasmania.

Tasmania is one of those places that, if you have enough time, you can hike some of the island. Many people choose to travel around this way, taking everything in their own stride, stopping at perfectly placed campsites come night time and waking up with the sound of the birds to start another day of exploration.

Another way to see the island is to cycle around the island. With a majority of the roads being more than safe as well as providing many off road tracks for cyclists to explore you will get to see parts of Tasmania that others don't get to see.

Driving around the island is a great way to try and fit it all in, especially if you don't have a lot of time to explore the island. Take your own car over on the Spirit of Tasmania, or hire your own vehicle to drive around this picturesque state.

Many coach companies run organised tours, whether it is just for the day, overnight or perhaps longer, you can book a seat on hundreds of tours that will let you experience the highlights of Tasmania in the comfort of a luxury coach bus.